With the changing business scenario, we recognised the need to work on prioritising our workload. We were helped by Melanie in prioritising our projects and now we have a definitive list of projects that we, as a management team, need to be working on; an extremely useful exercise for the business. The prioritisation workshop was very well orchestrated by Melanie and I was able to start using the techniques taught within my own team as well, once I came back into the business.

Vinny Phul, Head of IT, SMMT UK


After work with our Exec team individually to assess our personalities and development requirements, Melanie and Dee, in a series of workshops, helped us to create a more cohesive management team. The progress we have made would not have been achieved without their insight and expertise.

Jason Abbot, President at AmSafe Bridport


I have worked with Melanie for over ten years and have seen her consistently develop and deploy a number of significant global initiatives including the Distributor Academy for Shell’s Lubricants business.
The combination of her strategic and insights driven approach, along with highly practical delivery and impactful coaching, has produced sustained outcomes.
Her personal accountability for results has been a critical factor in building trust with leadership teams across businesses and cultures and built her strong reputation.

Caroline Missen, Chief of Staff to Shell's Downstream Director


Melanie and I have worked together on several projects and she always brings unique insights into our work together. She is thorough when developing programmes, a great facilitator of groups and passionate about following up to ensure changes are made and results achieved.  I love working with her because I find her approach fascinating, and attitude and passion inspiring. I highly recommend connecting with Melanie and having a chat to see how she can help your teams and business to be their best.

Dee Clayton, Director and Lead Trainer at Simply Amazing Training


Melanie is an excellent team player, leader and coach. She has a brilliant emotionally intelligent style, that means she quickly sees how to enable teams to perform at their best and succeed, both professionally and personally. She is a perfect paradox of kind and caring towards her people, yet at the same time, totally focused on delivering results. She has always had a passion for developing teams and business results, with a dedication to customer value. This combination produced great results every time.
It was an absolute pleasure to work with Melanie, and I could not recommend her highly enough.”

Liz Moseley, previously Business Director at 3M UK PLC


I have worked with Melanie for many years and we have developed and run many Learning and Development programmes together. Melanie is always a complete and utter pleasure to work with. From a professional perspective she is highly organised, very logical and has an extremely strategic approach which means she can see the bigger picture and then distil it, in Shell’s case, from a global perspective to how a programme would operate on a local level. She is always clear and consistent in how she communicates so I always felt as if I understood where we were and what my role in any project or delivery was. From a personal perspective working with Melanie was always a lovely experience. As a facilitator, she appreciates what others bring to the party, she is fun and enjoys being creative and hearing what others have to contribute and she knows how to keep a team motivated through the training day whilst delivering the learning objectives and action plans.

Lea Raudsepp, Founding Partner at Fibre Training


Melanie’s authentic and caring approach in leadership ensures that she brings the best out of everyone and builds a strong effective team bond quickly. She is very results orientated so the combination of this skill with her focus to achieve brings great results. Melanie is able to remain calm and reflective in challenging team interpersonal situations. Which ensures that she resolves conflicts, and leaves people feeling valued and understood. She has a great moral compass.

Marrit Dikker Hupkes Gernaat, Aviation Lubricants Sales Manager EMEA at Shell


Melanie has been a coach and mentor to me, giving great advice whilst being a constant role model. She champions diversity and inclusion, and always has great examples of what she’s learnt in her own career to help others in their careers. Her style is always energetic and delivered with enthusiasm and humour, but never shying away from confronting challenges head on.

Jane Michotte, Director of Fundraising at The Aspinall Foundation