What we do?

Engage with teams to drive greater trust, commitment and accountability, to deliver better results and create a more effective working environment.

With who?

With any teams who would like to be more effective, achieve more, and have more fun doing so. Teams we’ve worked with include:

  • Senior Executive teams led by CEO/MD
  • Commercial teams with a role in the Customer Experience, such as Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Business Development
  • Leadership teams within SME (Small Medium Enterprise) Businesses

Outcomes we expect to achieve:

We are big believers in what gets measured gets done.

We help the team set out what success looks like and define specific and timely deliverables to ensure measurement is in place.

The outcomes will be dependent on the main challenges the team faces, and what is prioritised to work on.

Examples of outcomes we aim for include: understanding each other’s strengths and motivators, making the team more cohesive and inclusive, helping activities and decisions run quicker; clarity on the team vision/goal and their roles and responsibilities to achieve that; generating new ideas and ways of working to better meet business needs; and being more focused on the customer, linking activities more closely to customer satisfaction or loyalty measures.

How we do it?

Through firstly understanding the team and their most significant business and people challenges and opportunities, in order to set up a programme based specifically on their needs.

A typical program consists of:

  1. Emerge: Discovering how the team works and what individuals bring to the team environment. Building trust.
  2. Excite: Being clear on why we are team, our vision and purpose, our commitments. Prioritising what to focus on, how to do it, and how to measure progress.
  3. Embed: Getting on and doing it. Learning as we go. Regularly reviewing. Celebrating the small and large steps.
  4. Excel: Driving the results through motivating, inspiring and performance. Recognising it’s OK to revisit and remind. Growing and sustaining.

Depending on the situation, the program can be as simple as a 1 or 2 day workshop (with some participant preparation), followed by virtual sessions to help stay on track, through to a 12-month programme with a series of team building and effectiveness days, coaching, and support to build the right team processes and tools.